Sunday, January 31, 2010

Twlight time again.

Last week was the first of the twilight series part 2. Bills was in a foul mood after his ride in the indoor the following Monday (will never ride him in there again)... He was freaking out at horses knocking the sj and just generally having a bad time... Kerry did well to survive the dressage and went on to one rail and a few (quite a few) bucks sj. Cross country was better, with them doing the majority of the pre novice course and the novice water.
I tried a new bit on him the following day, and it made a huge difference to his taking off issues... so we took him to Mcleans to try it out on Saturday. I schooled him quickly then did a few jumps... I even managed a 85cm oxer, my pet hate! Kerry was jumping him over a mtre... I am really looking forward to the day he learns to tuck his legs properly and stops leaping so much!
We had the hay cut and have over 800 bales in and around the shed! eeekkk
We also have a new gg arriving on Wed, he is all of 30 inches and a real sweetie.....

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