Monday, August 2, 2010

Its been a while

WE have been fairly busy here, tack room is finally on the home stretch, and the wallpapering has been done... (pics to follow).

Seems to never be enough hours in the day!
Sadly for Billy, Kerry has left for greener pastures in the north island and a great new job.
I have two of her and Pips pony's here for a bit while things are sorted, both lovely girls, who are behaving very well.

Teddy's saddle arrived yesterday, so will be fun getting him sorted...

Abbie is to go to be sold on behalf come September, and Bubs is due start of October...

I am hoping to have some down time before then, but at the moment am still very busy.

Horses had feeties done last week and teeth this week, and tet/strangles boosters have been done, so hopefully they will be all good to go for a bit...