Sunday, January 31, 2010

Twlight time again.

Last week was the first of the twilight series part 2. Bills was in a foul mood after his ride in the indoor the following Monday (will never ride him in there again)... He was freaking out at horses knocking the sj and just generally having a bad time... Kerry did well to survive the dressage and went on to one rail and a few (quite a few) bucks sj. Cross country was better, with them doing the majority of the pre novice course and the novice water.
I tried a new bit on him the following day, and it made a huge difference to his taking off issues... so we took him to Mcleans to try it out on Saturday. I schooled him quickly then did a few jumps... I even managed a 85cm oxer, my pet hate! Kerry was jumping him over a mtre... I am really looking forward to the day he learns to tuck his legs properly and stops leaping so much!
We had the hay cut and have over 800 bales in and around the shed! eeekkk
We also have a new gg arriving on Wed, he is all of 30 inches and a real sweetie.....

Monday, January 25, 2010

busy busy

Abbs has been a good girl and had a trot on her second solo ride... She seems brave, and isnt dirty, so very happy with her.
Bills was to be going to the grand nat show later this week, but sadly is still not over his indoor arena phobia, to his credit however he no longer tries to buck and throw all his toys, he just freaks out... so no show for him... However he has twilight eventing again this week, so not sure how the fat pony will cope after eating so much to try to get him show "round" rather than eventing "fit"

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Much needed update

Well I have been busy, being on holiday means I have had LOTS to do...
On the Billy front we have had a few lessons, with more this week. Have also had 2 rides out at Mcleans, which have been great, sj first, then a good hack and some xc thrown in for good measure!
Abbie has left home and left Bills an only child for a bit, she is at Kerrys and we are starting her undersaddle. Has been a good learning experience for me as it is all done the Mclean way and is very easy on the ponies. Have also been helping with one of Kerrys at the same time... he is lovely but at 17 hands its very different from one to the other!
At home I have got some native trees, and plan to get somemore. Hay is due to be cut hopefully soon. Have offered the neighbour grazing in the side paddock as well as I am inundated with grass!