Sunday, May 24, 2009

A weekend of wet

Not much to add on the horse front as the rain has been amazing... Ponies are doing ok and enjoying their lucerne hay at dinner time..
Bills has a dressage comp this weekend, so I am going to have to brave the weather and my fears and go for a road ride... *gulp*

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A mixed bag

I phoned the vet yesterday and she thought that due to the amount of reaction Billys eye had it should have killed the cancer... she will pop out at some stage to have a feel and make sure...
So that is fantastic!!

To off set my happiness, I had to take 2 cats (Dopey and Bear) to the vet last night, along with mums dog Isky... who has a haematoma on her ear... she is in surgery today. I am worried about her as she is very old.... and also was mums, who has been gone for nearly 6 years now...

The weather is still horrid, and the paddocks are water logged... so I am thinking my outings this weekend might not be happening.

I have taken the chance on entering Billy in an event in July, so fingers crossed we are back in form for then.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Break in the weather

We had a fine spell when I got home yesterday, so I had a ride on Bills, we had a wee jump, only very small working on our rhythm and not racing... We both had a ball.
Timed it really well as I got him back in the paddock and the heavens opened up.
Last night was horrible, with strong winds, rain and hail...

All the ponies had a huge feed this am

Have also entered Billy in a dressage day, so hopefully he will be fit and well for that

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dressage Sidesaddle

Thanks so much to Dy for lending me her boy Sun for the dressage at Ellesmere today..

We had a ball, finishing in 4th place in our walk trot dressage test...
Thanks so much

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Billy and I had a proper ride last night.

I took him down the road and he was horribly spooky, so took him home and worked him... he had a ball... even some nice canter work... he wasn't even seeming to be too unfit, so I am very happy...

Seems Ben now has a show name..

He is to be known as Tui Hills Providence (the one with the star in the pic)

Monday, May 11, 2009

check it out, Billy has been having sessions and I think he is benifiting from them.


Billy's eye is looking a bit better...
Had a fantastic bareback ride (cover and all last night) was very comfy with the cover!
He seemed happy and enjoyed himself...

Have been having energy healing done on him by a friend of mine and I think he is responding well to it.

Will have to get the vet back at some stage to see if he need the bacteria injected again... but might wait until after the weekend so I can have a few days of enjoying my boy....

Dy phoned last night and she has entered me in the dressage at Ellesmere riding her boy Sunny side saddle, so will be fun....

Abbie was being atoad and eating my willow tress, so is coverless today as she was using her cover topush against the tape... grrrrrr

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Winter has arrived

Everyone is rugged up and been enjoying their lucerene hay for dinner.

Sat was fine, so Billy and I headed out for a road ride... Took a bit of time to get his bridle on, and had to remove the nose band, as it was touching his eye as I tried to get it over his ears!!
After the fact I remembered I had some halter clips somewhere, so will have to did them out.

Headed out around the block, and he was wanting to walk through puddles and over sticks, must have been boared in his paddock... Had one spook at I'm not sure what... and one at the postie, who didn't bother to slow much for use despite my dayglo vest and the fact I was talking constantly to my pony....
I tried to keep him on the road (shingle) so he didn't get to freaked out by anything on his bad side (however swelling looks greatly reduced from what it was, maybe the only benefit of the cold weather)

We walked the whole way, but it was fantastic, enjoyed myself...

Got home and longreined Ben, he had a wee tanty, but after he was told off was a gem... his turning is super, and his halts are much improved.
Even got him trotting over a 20 cm jump.... he was loving it.

Weather permitting we are off to Kerry's at the weekend for his first session away from home...

I got the boxes topped up with sawdust just before it rained again.... phew...
So they are there waiting to go should I need them.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

We had a ride

Ok, so it was only for 10 mins bareback, but He had a bridle on, that was the most difficult part of all as he wasnt happy for it to pass over his eye...
We had a walk and trot around and even had a few canter strides, felt really good to be back up there.

Treated his eye again and then rugged everyone up for the horrid weather this weekend was threatening to bring.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The vet vist

Well, today Billy seemed happy, was really nice... I got home early to get him ready for the vet. Brought him up and brushed him, and then got on him bareback with a halter on... Well his ears were forward the whole time, he was having a ball, we walked and trotted around... he was forward and enjoying himself...

Vet was happy with how it was looking, so I'm to keep up what I am doing....
Hopefully the cancer is taking a hammering.....

He went back to bed and called out to me after his dinner (he doesn't normally do that)
I and I think he are feeling a bit brighter tonight

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Billy's eye

Pics of Billys eye today 4/5/09

Before and after it was cleaned

Pics of the babies

A few pics of Abbie and Ben taken the weekend before last

Awww good babies

Well this weekend was a busy one for me, Shaun was working all day sat, and off to the car racing in Ashburton Sunday.
Sooo Sat I got the dreaded gardening done!! arghhh hate that stuff, but looks better for being done.
Then did some work with the babies, They have both been mouthed but Abbie was sure she hadnt been at Dys the other week, so they both had a spin in the round pen with the lunge roller and loose side reins.
Ben was his normal perfect self, Abbs had a few tanties, but got over them... to finish after I had taken their gear off I walked then over the hill at the back of the garage (well mound)... Abbie went to hoon up past me, but I turned and looked at her and she stopped... Fantastic as this was a horse who would try to barge into/past when she felt like it....

Billys eye has been sore since his bute has worn off and he is jumpy and uncomfortable... so I am looking at trying him on some devils claw....

Sunday I lonreined both the babies, Ben again was perfect.... took him into the jumping paddock and had him going nicely around (not over) the jumps and walking over some poles on the ground.... we even had reasonable brakes and had a wee trot...
Abbie, did exactly what I expected and threw a tanty... however she soon clicked out of irt, and was then perfect! turning beautifully and even managing some nice halts... all the while in a natural head carage, looking very pretty... No trotting for her, but she was also walking over poles on the ground, and eyeing up the jumps!!

Billy had a run in the pen and his eye cleaned and zapp ed with the light again (twice) on Sunday.. he picked the yellow lens this time, so we will see how it goes...

Will ring the vet again today and see if she can come and have a look again... still no bill either...