Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another busy weekend.

We had an open home on sat this time, I am so over cleaning!
Then off to a 21st, which made me feel old...

Sunday I took Billy and Abbie to be measured, was a wet and miserable day, but we only had to wait for 2 horses before us, so was super.
Abbs came in at 145.5cm and Billy was 156 cm.

Hopefully I get to ride this week as I have a ride planned at a local pc, and a jumping lesson the weekend after...arghhhh

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pics of Abbie and I

Busy Weekend.

The cows went to new homes on Saturday,

Loosie loaded in the float beautifully, unfortunately Lexi had other ideas and lay down on the ramp and refused to move.... Red was as usual great, was sad to see them go...

Realestate agents out and a big clean up at home for the open day on Sunday.
Had a ride on Billy bareback, walk to canters are going really well now. He is really laid back and great to ride at the moment... long may it last.
Abbs had a bridle on, and I had a wee cuddle with her while she was lying down.
Both have measuring next week, so fingers crossed that goes ok....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Things are

moving along at home, the cows go to their new homes at the weekend, and have moved them up by the yards.

Have also had a couple of rides on Billy. He was super last night, and thinking really well.. We got walk to canters, and his lateral work was super....
Abbie has settled since Ben has been gone, very happy with that.

We have another open home this weekend, the last one was good with a few groups out.

Paddocks are all harrowed and the grass is growing... cant help but feel like its going to snow soon!