Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wed is the day, yay

I am taking Billy to Kerrys place (thanks again Kerry) for Ronnie to fix him for me... so hope to make it to Belfast this weekend!

Had a good weekend working on the float, so happy to get some odd jobs done.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Well it would seem Billy is still not a happy camper, so I am waiting for Ronnie to come and work her magic on him. I am hoping he will be well for Belfast in a little over a week

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ohhh no

Poor Billy is a bit sore after the adventures at the weekend, esp with it being so cold.
Gave him a massage last night and put his back on track rug on. Hoping he feels better for the weekend..
He will have today off as well and we will see how he is feeling tomorrow..=0(

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Billy's adventures at Canterbury park

Sat Billy and I went to do some cross country training for this weekends event.
I stoped and picked up a friend along the way... poor Billy was stuck in the float with a horse trying to sniff his butt over the tail gate while we frantically hunted for my friends keys she dropped on the ground..
Once the keys were located and Piggy loaded we were on the way... Sadly it started raining on the way there.

We arrived to find the water jump hadn't been turned on as promised...grrrrr, and rain was getting worse.
Saddled up and started to warm up. Piggy hadn't been to an event in 4 years and was being a bit hot (he is at the best of times) and was leaping around... Billy was freaked out for a while but soon got over it.

Started with some small simple jumps as he felt like he wanted to stop... He refused the first time, so at Kerry's instructions he took 4 steps backwards with no turning away... and jumped it...

I managed to d all the Intro (75cm) cc jumps they had out and even did a few PT ones for good measure.
Got him jumping over ditches and down the banks into the water jump, no thoughts of stopping.

Had one tanking off and propping episode, but that didn't last long when he got asked to repeat what I wanted..

Got off very wet, but also very happy..

Was interesting as there was also a polo match going on not far from us, so glad to see it didn't phase the wee fella to much.

So home and gear cleaning for me....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sore legs today!

Thought I had better start to do some fitness work and practise my 2 point....
So Billy had a quick schooling session and we went for a ride down the road... I can only ride one stretch without him being a nutter, so we have a 500 metre bit of roadside I cruise up and down.
He was doing his jacking up in the back end when I was asking him to slow down, took a while but think it maybe getting a bit better... went back in the lane way and did lots of trotting down the length of the property (500metre) and then found the knee rolls of my saddle for the first time... I need to shorten my leathers a few holes to get my knees in them properly, and thankfully my butt manages to stay in the saddle being it is so small..
However I need to punch new holes in my leathers which are already kid length!

Hopefully Shaun is bring the agent details home soon and we can get the house listed or we will be there over winter again....

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The weekend

Well after me being sick all week I hauled myself on for a ride Saturday (with a jumping lesson on Sunday I thought it would be a good idea)
Billy was a good pony and looked after me, thank goodness.

Lesson on Sunday was great, our rhythm has improved and we even manged our nice canter most of the time... Only a few trying to tank off times and that was it, oh and one token piddly buck in there.

Thanks to Kerry I am now alot more confident for our event in a few weeks.

Also managed to spray a few docks, horrible weeds... and caught Lexi (the heifer) to let her halter out a bit... yes the cows have halters on, much easier to catch them!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Billy has a diet change

Have just changed Billy's feed and now have him on Equibrium blue, copra, speedibeat,GMC,and equiguard.

He has been on Low GI since I have had him, but due to me having afew bags with lucerne pellets in it, I thought it was time for a change. Over summer he hasnt been fed alot as he is quite round, but with all his events coming up I thought it would be a good time to get his diest sorted.

No surprises he ate it no worries, so very happy with that.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Billy's last show

Well I wasn't feeling the best and Billy made it clear he really wasn't into it either, so I made the cal, no more shows!

Thanks Perf for the top, was great as was a very hot day.

Meet the gang

Meet Billy, my wee show pony who has just had a major career change and will now be focusing on his other tallents.. Hopefully some dressage and jumping.

I have just started having jumping lessons on him, and hope to resume the dressage ones very soon.

Ben is the next on the list, he is a 2 year old, welsh/TB, who is starting to learn about being a ridden horse.

Abbie is also rising 3, and is by the same sire as Ben, but out of a Gissybred mare. She is for sale to a super home.

We also have 3 heifers and a few dogs and cats.


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