Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Saddle fitter has been out and fitted Billys new saddle, and its lovvvely!
Have also had our first sidesaddle ride... only at a walk, but its a start

Sunday was our first show of the season and the weather was horrid. We had lots of rain and wind... by the end my fingers and toes were numb and I was wet through. Bills was good and came away with 4 2nds and a forth. He managed to win his round the ring jumping with Kerry, however her really didnt deserve to, as he was naughty... poor Kerry.

Have entered him in the twilight eventing, so sure he will enjoy that. Count down is now on to CHCH show... we do have a few outings before that thankfully!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Well the weather has packed a sad

We have arrived back in Autumn with a thud...

Billy has had a few grass probs so far this season and our riding has been minimal... ha has recently taken on a fence... thankfully he is ok...

We have acquired a wee duckling whose family was wiped out by a car.....

Billys saddle has arrived, fitter out next week, think it needs to be widened slightly... Sidesaddle fitting this weekend as well...YAY!

First show of the season in 2 weeks, and one fat hairy pony...ohhh nooo