Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Time has gotten away again!

Sierra has had her bubba and is away becoming a riding horse for me!

Courts is having fun barrel racing on Star! its all go at my place

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wow, where has the time gone!

Courtney (bubs) is now 2.5 years!
Billy was sold last last year, Teddy went to a friend of mine Kylie Hunt nearly 3 years ago.
Abbie was sold and is off jumping 110cms with her new person (2.5 years ago!)

We now have Sierra who is in foal to Rockdon Desire, foal owned by Jennifer Low of Lakeview stud. and we have on loan Star, for Courtney, who belongs to Jennifer Bothwell, who has my other pony, Dexta, for her daughter to ride... pheww!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Its been a while

WE have been fairly busy here, tack room is finally on the home stretch, and the wallpapering has been done... (pics to follow).

Seems to never be enough hours in the day!
Sadly for Billy, Kerry has left for greener pastures in the north island and a great new job.
I have two of her and Pips pony's here for a bit while things are sorted, both lovely girls, who are behaving very well.

Teddy's saddle arrived yesterday, so will be fun getting him sorted...

Abbie is to go to be sold on behalf come September, and Bubs is due start of October...

I am hoping to have some down time before then, but at the moment am still very busy.

Horses had feeties done last week and teeth this week, and tet/strangles boosters have been done, so hopefully they will be all good to go for a bit...

Monday, July 5, 2010

sad times

Mum's old dog Isky had to be put to sleep on Friday, she wasn't coping with the cold...
Nells went to her new home on Saturday, as well... along with a few family members ending up in hospital.

Shaun was lovely and has got me a new car, which I have named Isky after mums dog.

Both my cars are now tucked up in the garage, don't think I have ever had a car in the garage, let alone 2!

Teds is on a paddock on the lawn, loving running around the mounds, so will look to make it a perminant area for him soon.

Next weekend we hope to get things shifted into the shed from the house...yay! so will then be able to get the cot sorted!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Things are ticking over at home

Nells looks to have found a new home, which is super, but maybe with me for another week or 2 now...
Teddy is scared of jumping the creak (well about an inch deep and 30 cms wide) even to the point of going without dinner! He has been shown how to get across as well, silly pony...

Rest of the tack room is now ready for jib... and I got some paint fr it last week... saddle racks have arrived as well.
The inside of the house is coming on slowly...

Billy and Abbie are getting hairier, if that is possible!

I got a plant for Isky yesterday as I feel her time has nearly come, very sad on alot of levels for me...

Monday, June 14, 2010


Sorry have been very busy... Have finished painting spare room, just mural to put up now! Have also painted the lounge as well.
The storage room/tack room is looking great, and hopefully can move some of the furniture out of the house and garage in a few weeks...

Has been raining alot at home and I managed to get the safari stuck driving down the paddock the other day, so now its a big walk for me down to the ponies... and Nells who is now on real grass. She is also waiting for a new home via the spca..

I am now 23 weeks and am on the down hill slope, all a bit scary really...
Abbs has been withdrawn from sale... and Bills is still fat! Teddy is loving having a paddock to run around in now and hasn't managed to escape...yet....

We have new neighbours, who I am yet to meet, as have been so flat out..

Pics to come later!

Monday, May 24, 2010

I gave up waiting

on the furniture to be moved from spare room... I have now painted out the feature wall and am going to paint the room this coming weekend.
The tackroom is coming on thankfully, and the storage part is to be the first bit to be completed so I can move all the crap out...wahooo
Nells had a handling session as did Teddy, who was also getting used to be driven! Go Teds....

Bills new cover arrived last night, and just in the nick of time as it seems the weather has finally turned on us.

The neighbours place also looks to have sold.... to people Kylie has met, so hoping for some who do use the road out the front as a race track this time around.

Dopey is good and taking his meds well...