Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sad times

But due to having a baby on the way, I have decided to put Abbie up for sale.
She is Im sure going to be a wee star for someone.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010



Yesterday we had our heat pump put in... feeling good about being sorted for wither this year..
Gave Noof a brush and a bit of a massage yesterday, she was trying to itch me back, which was very cute.
I think she is putting on weight really well now, which is fantastic.
Ted has a bit of a tummy upset, so will give him some scourban tonight and see if that helps, also a panacur drench maybe in order.
I have made the decision to advertise Abbie, which has been a hard decision to make, but with baby on the way I just don't think I will have the time, and I may also not be able to get paid maternity leave, will find out in June...
Have written an add for her so will go home tonight and pop on TM when I sort some pics.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

2 weeks down!

And Noof (Nelly), is now following me around, she can also be covered with out having to have a led rope on...
We have an appointment with the farrier on Tuesday, so hopefully she will behave for that! We are also having a heat pump installed on Wed, so looking forward for that just in time for winter!
I have also found a bench and sink to go in the tack room, and collect that next weekend, along with 10 ribbonwoods..

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


(link over to the right) who have kindly donated some remote healings for Nellie.... She is obviously a bit the worse for wear, but has a strong spirit, and there is to be no pity for her!

I managed to cover and uncover her yesterday, she also had a brush... picked up both front feet, but she couldn't/wouldn't balance for me to pick them out... but its a start!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Busy day

Lots done around home, including the tackroom getting well underway.... Nellie was a doll, jarmies straight on... she had today off from everything else.

Big thankyou to Erin

Yesterday Erin came out to give me a hand with Nellie.... She had a bath, got all her sores treated... she got all her feet bar one successfully picked up... I think she is very sore as seems unable to hold her weight with that leg off the ground. She also had a cover on... Looks like the one I have here will fit her as well, so very happy with that....

She is looking much happier as I have given her access from her paddock to one of the yards, she can now see things going on and can chat to Ted...

Monday, April 12, 2010


Well today she called out when she saw me.... yes I had feed... but it was so cool!
I bushed her face neck, shoulder, back some belly and even flanks, she was so good...
I even started the top of her front legs, she was ok, then stomped at me so I growled at her, and she started licking and chewing... We did a bit of leading, and some backing off pressure work for a min... much improved... so she was allowed to eat in peace...
She has also discovered the willow trees, and is ever so carefully removing the leaves! Very cute...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Farrier has rung back...

We are booked in on the 28th of Arirl (soon as he could fit me back in) so we have a bit of work to do between now and then... Erin is going to come and help me get her used to having feet handled and hopefully get a cover on for the first time!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pics of Nelly

Well, we had a wee handling session today, some forward and back... she had her mane brushed, and loved it... also started to have a vetadine bath, but I only got her face, neck and shoulder done, as I am a bit worried about getting myself hurt. She is eating well now and seems to be settling.

Pony shrunk and became a mare =0P

This is the new rescue girl, she is very sweet and trusting... likes having pats and eating well

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rescue pony to arrive today!

Well after the property check yesterday I am getting a new addition today... a 5 year old sundon gelding... he is one to the ones in better condition... I hope to have some more recent pics soon... this one comes from Rahn, who together with Lisa have done a great job for these guys.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We have got the tack shed area ready for concrete, so are waiting to get it pored... Also looking to find a door an window at the moment.
Billy and Abbs are still fat and hairy, and hanging out.... as is Teddy.
Recently in Canterbury a number of horses were rescued from a breeder in Halswell... I have put my name down to foster one, so will maybe getting one this week, but we will see.
In other news I am also 13 weeks pregnant, not at all horseie, but perhaps a reason for the ponies being turned out and fat and hairy!
We are also having a heat pump installed on the 28th and I cant wait!! yay!!

All the ponies have the farrier tonight, and Abbs had her teeth done on Monday, now down to 6 monthly visits!! yeharrr