Saturday, April 25, 2009

Busy busy

Well, we made a start on the round pen, have gone for 18mtres, and this seems a good size. Have got some tress planted as wind break for when I get the crusher dust surface... looking out for some hose for the railings...

Billys eye, has started to puss through his suture wounds, I managed to coax some nasty looking stuff out of it tonight. Tried the clear light tonight, and he stood like a rock, so very happy with that. I have cliped him and added a $$ sign, for his name and what he is costing me...

Have also done a bit of work with the babies tonight and taken a few pics of the fuzz balls.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Round pen..

After using Dys round pen at the weekend I have decided I need one...

I am a bit confussed as to what size, but think I will aim for a 15 mtre one.....

Marked it out last night, so hope to be getting sorted with the hole digging etc tomorrow!!

Eye ball update

Vet has been out again and had another play..
She was a bit worried about Billy having an abscess somewhere, the injection is a bacteria, so no abs for this boy..
I have upped his garlic intake (thanks to KA for a huge bag)...

I have also looked out of the square and have had an energy clensing/healing done on him. will post the link to the web page at a later date.

This am he has some puss coming out from a suture hole (has healed, but a weak point)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Some ridden ones of the lovely Lady *FOR SALE*

Pics from the weekend

Lady and Abbie awwww


Billy's eye

and again

Ups and downs

Friday was the day for Billys injection. I brought him up and had a wee ride around bare back with a halter and had the best time.
Vet came and injected his eyelid (he was sedated again and given nerve blocks)...

Sat his eye looked terrible, swollen and full of puss. I bathed it and put some ointment in it.
Later that day I gave him a brotrophen (sp) light treatment as KA was kind enough to lend me one.
I phoned the vet to check things were as they should be, she was at the races, so another vet who lives locally came around... he was happy with it so Billy was put back on bute and I was to put cold face cloths on it to help keep it cool.

Sunday I headed to Dys place with Abbie, as Billy couldn't be taken out... What a star she turned out to be, loaded her by myself (has only been floated ones over a year ago) and travelled really well.
At Dy's I unloaded her myself..
She then had a run around the round yard, and with thanks to Dy and Sharpie I manged to back her... YAY!

Gave her big sis a make over for sale and took lots of pics of her. Had a wee ride, she is a lovely wee girl.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Had a ride on Bills last night, amazing to be back on my boy again.
He was a bit fresh, but he has been out for near on 4 weeks...
The vet is out today at about 4.30 to inject his eye. Hoping that all goes well.

I have been doing a bit of work with Abbie and Ben, Abbie is being a wee star and enjoying the new challenge.
I plan to take her to Dys at the weekend and back her....
Ben will be alone for the day (apart from the cows, as I will take Billy for an outing as well, if he is up to it.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Last week brought a mix of emotions,
Starting at the beginning, saddle fitter came out and fitted my saddles, both of which are fine, however the side saddle is a no go...

The results came back on his lump removal, and sadly it was malignant, next step is to have an injection into the site the lump was removed from.
As it was a long weekend, we missed getting the drug before the weekend.

Chris came out to do Billy's feet, and thankfully he had an abscess..... so thanks to Dy he is now sporting a poultice boot....

I was well in need of a horsie pick me up do headed to Dy's place on Saturday... where I had the best ride sidesaddle...
canter a few strides and even jumped!! went hacking and even managed to shut a gate...
Up and down banks, had a ball... thanks so much to Dy...
I may well have to steal her pony now!

Got up and fed Billy today and Ben was having a sleep, I went and sat on his back, he was quite relaxed about the whole thing... cant wait till he is broken in and I can ride him....

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Last Jab!!

Yay, last abs jab was given last night, thank goodness..
I have also picked up a sidesaddle (thanks to Anita) and hope to start that soon...

Busy week for Billy with the saddle fitter out on Wednesday and the farrier out on Thursday...
Hopefully he will be back into it after that.

We have a fun day on Easter Monday, which he will still be sporting sutures for! lol

Friday, April 3, 2009

A pic at last

His eye seems to be healing well, aside fron the ointment and jabs he is having he seems to be happy enough.
Did a bit of inhand with Ben today just to keep him thinking, he did really well...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My poor wee fella

Had a lump removed from in his eyelid last night. Full credit to the vets who did a super job... It has been sent off to be tested to make sure it isn't cancerous at all.
He was running around like an idiot this am, and fell over, so may have undone some of Ronnie's good work!

I have also scratched him from his event this weekend as he is full of bute...
Will post a pic later of his blue sutures!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thanks Ronnie

Took Billy to have Ronnie work her magic on him yesterday... have got a saddle fitter sorted for Wed of next week and have also got the vet organised to look at his eyelid as well...

Have got the schedule/programme for Belfast this weekend as well. Will be a long day with us being in the last class on for dressage...

I can have a ride on Sat, so fingers crossed he copes!