Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The vet came out to check Billy's eye last night, Although it is still swollen she is happy that there is no hard lump in there, so meaning the cancer doesn't look to be returning at this stage. Normally they would have 2 injections to kill the cells, however after Billy's dramatic reaction (they don't normally respond as he did) we will wait and see rather than subject him to it again. So I am trying not to get to hopeful, but at the same time thrilled!

Bills has been enjoying being back in work and is going well for the most part, I am trying to hack him to the corner after his schooling etc to keep him fresh and let him cool down having a nice stretch..

I have learnt one of my dressage tests for the weekend, sadly when I looked at the other I got completely confused! hehe.... so will see how I get on... garwd help me!!

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