Sunday, May 10, 2009

Winter has arrived

Everyone is rugged up and been enjoying their lucerene hay for dinner.

Sat was fine, so Billy and I headed out for a road ride... Took a bit of time to get his bridle on, and had to remove the nose band, as it was touching his eye as I tried to get it over his ears!!
After the fact I remembered I had some halter clips somewhere, so will have to did them out.

Headed out around the block, and he was wanting to walk through puddles and over sticks, must have been boared in his paddock... Had one spook at I'm not sure what... and one at the postie, who didn't bother to slow much for use despite my dayglo vest and the fact I was talking constantly to my pony....
I tried to keep him on the road (shingle) so he didn't get to freaked out by anything on his bad side (however swelling looks greatly reduced from what it was, maybe the only benefit of the cold weather)

We walked the whole way, but it was fantastic, enjoyed myself...

Got home and longreined Ben, he had a wee tanty, but after he was told off was a gem... his turning is super, and his halts are much improved.
Even got him trotting over a 20 cm jump.... he was loving it.

Weather permitting we are off to Kerry's at the weekend for his first session away from home...

I got the boxes topped up with sawdust just before it rained again.... phew...
So they are there waiting to go should I need them.

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