Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A mixed bag

I phoned the vet yesterday and she thought that due to the amount of reaction Billys eye had it should have killed the cancer... she will pop out at some stage to have a feel and make sure...
So that is fantastic!!

To off set my happiness, I had to take 2 cats (Dopey and Bear) to the vet last night, along with mums dog Isky... who has a haematoma on her ear... she is in surgery today. I am worried about her as she is very old.... and also was mums, who has been gone for nearly 6 years now...

The weather is still horrid, and the paddocks are water logged... so I am thinking my outings this weekend might not be happening.

I have taken the chance on entering Billy in an event in July, so fingers crossed we are back in form for then.

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