Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ups and downs

Friday was the day for Billys injection. I brought him up and had a wee ride around bare back with a halter and had the best time.
Vet came and injected his eyelid (he was sedated again and given nerve blocks)...

Sat his eye looked terrible, swollen and full of puss. I bathed it and put some ointment in it.
Later that day I gave him a brotrophen (sp) light treatment as KA was kind enough to lend me one.
I phoned the vet to check things were as they should be, she was at the races, so another vet who lives locally came around... he was happy with it so Billy was put back on bute and I was to put cold face cloths on it to help keep it cool.

Sunday I headed to Dys place with Abbie, as Billy couldn't be taken out... What a star she turned out to be, loaded her by myself (has only been floated ones over a year ago) and travelled really well.
At Dy's I unloaded her myself..
She then had a run around the round yard, and with thanks to Dy and Sharpie I manged to back her... YAY!

Gave her big sis a make over for sale and took lots of pics of her. Had a wee ride, she is a lovely wee girl.

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