Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sore legs today!

Thought I had better start to do some fitness work and practise my 2 point....
So Billy had a quick schooling session and we went for a ride down the road... I can only ride one stretch without him being a nutter, so we have a 500 metre bit of roadside I cruise up and down.
He was doing his jacking up in the back end when I was asking him to slow down, took a while but think it maybe getting a bit better... went back in the lane way and did lots of trotting down the length of the property (500metre) and then found the knee rolls of my saddle for the first time... I need to shorten my leathers a few holes to get my knees in them properly, and thankfully my butt manages to stay in the saddle being it is so small..
However I need to punch new holes in my leathers which are already kid length!

Hopefully Shaun is bring the agent details home soon and we can get the house listed or we will be there over winter again....

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