Sunday, March 22, 2009

Billy's adventures at Canterbury park

Sat Billy and I went to do some cross country training for this weekends event.
I stoped and picked up a friend along the way... poor Billy was stuck in the float with a horse trying to sniff his butt over the tail gate while we frantically hunted for my friends keys she dropped on the ground..
Once the keys were located and Piggy loaded we were on the way... Sadly it started raining on the way there.

We arrived to find the water jump hadn't been turned on as promised...grrrrr, and rain was getting worse.
Saddled up and started to warm up. Piggy hadn't been to an event in 4 years and was being a bit hot (he is at the best of times) and was leaping around... Billy was freaked out for a while but soon got over it.

Started with some small simple jumps as he felt like he wanted to stop... He refused the first time, so at Kerry's instructions he took 4 steps backwards with no turning away... and jumped it...

I managed to d all the Intro (75cm) cc jumps they had out and even did a few PT ones for good measure.
Got him jumping over ditches and down the banks into the water jump, no thoughts of stopping.

Had one tanking off and propping episode, but that didn't last long when he got asked to repeat what I wanted..

Got off very wet, but also very happy..

Was interesting as there was also a polo match going on not far from us, so glad to see it didn't phase the wee fella to much.

So home and gear cleaning for me....

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