Monday, June 14, 2010


Sorry have been very busy... Have finished painting spare room, just mural to put up now! Have also painted the lounge as well.
The storage room/tack room is looking great, and hopefully can move some of the furniture out of the house and garage in a few weeks...

Has been raining alot at home and I managed to get the safari stuck driving down the paddock the other day, so now its a big walk for me down to the ponies... and Nells who is now on real grass. She is also waiting for a new home via the spca..

I am now 23 weeks and am on the down hill slope, all a bit scary really...
Abbs has been withdrawn from sale... and Bills is still fat! Teddy is loving having a paddock to run around in now and hasn't managed to escape...yet....

We have new neighbours, who I am yet to meet, as have been so flat out..

Pics to come later!

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