Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We have got the tack shed area ready for concrete, so are waiting to get it pored... Also looking to find a door an window at the moment.
Billy and Abbs are still fat and hairy, and hanging out.... as is Teddy.
Recently in Canterbury a number of horses were rescued from a breeder in Halswell... I have put my name down to foster one, so will maybe getting one this week, but we will see.
In other news I am also 13 weeks pregnant, not at all horseie, but perhaps a reason for the ponies being turned out and fat and hairy!
We are also having a heat pump installed on the 28th and I cant wait!! yay!!

All the ponies have the farrier tonight, and Abbs had her teeth done on Monday, now down to 6 monthly visits!! yeharrr

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