Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mcleans event

Bills just had new thoroflex shoes put on and looks like he is wearing high heels!

After a very hot week, came a very hot weekend.
Kerry and Cozzy and Billy and I went for a ride/jump at Roydvale... Bills was in a bit of a mood, but came right after a time. It was a long day, coming home and washing and platting and cleaning gear for the next day.
Sunday was another stinking hot day.. Bills had a good day, dressage test was not his best, but def not his worst either! He took a rail sj, again at the double... oxer first and upright second, and a bit on a long stride for his short legs... Cross country he was clear... Managed to get home at about 6 pm, so a long day.... Shaun didnt come home until 4.30am (driving back from Auckland) so had a bit of work to do when I got home.....

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