Sunday, November 22, 2009

A week of firsts...for Bills

Last week Bills did his first twlight series event at Mcleans island... Poor Kerry had a hairy ride around the show jumps and marginally better around the cross country... finishing with 2 rails sj and 2 stops xc...

I took him to a western training day at the weekend, where we learnt about neck reining and working on a long rein... and he can ow do this walk trot canter and with people around... no small effort on Bills part..

Sunday I got up and went to his first inhand show... where we won 5 classes and came 2nd in 2. taking out the champion... he was such a gentleman even in the rain...

Off to practise SJ tonight weather permitting, looks to be a nasty NW arriving... then 2nd twlight series this week..

Pics to come from the weekend

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