Sunday, September 20, 2009

Its been a while

Finally spring is here!

I have been keeping busy with lessons both on Billy (jumping) and Cozzy (dressaging, he is Kerry's luffly boy).
Billy has pulled a muscle and that seems to be coming right slowly...
Isky isn't as good as I would like, and I am wondering if she is on her final stretch now =0(.
The grass has taken off, and Billy has lost the plot and is now in lock up, and being fed hay, much to his disgust! Abbie thinks it is great as she gets it all to herself!
Abbs looks to have had a wee grow as well, so hoping she will be up to being broken in after Christmas.
Billy has a saddle coming from the UK, hoping it should arrive at the end of this week... fingers and toes are crossed it will fit!

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